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Annette Asbill

Annette Asbill, Author/Illustrator


Most recent release: If I Were a Mouse, I'd Live in THIS House


I'm impressed by all that my sister, Vicki Westling, and my brother, Curt Vick, have accomplished.  Their resumes are enviable.  Evidently, while I was floating through life they were either attending or teaching school.  Curt's pronouncement of "that's who I am!" made me wonder about who I am?


A wife, mother and grandmother, I hold onto things - my children's hair from their first haircuts, their baby teeth, their baby clothes, ballet slippers and prom dresses.  Perhaps that's why it was particularly traumatic for me when I lost those things when our house was hit by lightning and burned; shortly thereafter, my mother died.  Is it any wonder I started painting on walls?!  It's not just a cliché - adversity really is the mother of invention. 


I've had a great life, traveled the world, yet the things I choose to write about are not of The Great Wall of China or Bora Bora or other experiences I've had as an adult.  The first 10 years of my life have had the greatest impact on who I am today.  As children, when my sisters and I played, we'd begin by creating a scenario declaring who was "the richest person in the world," or "the biggest movie star," and other details of our pretend world.  I always said I lived in North and South Carolina, which usually created an argument because it was generally believed one could live in one or the other - not both.


For many years, now, I've lived in North AND South Carolina with my husband Ron Asbill, a real estate developer and savvy businessman.  I've painted many walls, various types and numerous pieces of furniture, canvases, and just about anything that didn't move.  Some things are good, some aren't, but I can't stop drawing, painting or writing.


My second children's book,How Long is Pretty Soon? came from an actual day in my life with my grandson, Brendan Michael Blue Wiley, and relates to how quickly life passes.  Macy Likes (ripe) Persimmons is about Brendan's dog's reaction to a green persimmon.  Look For the Squirrel's Nest in the Sycamore Tree features a young boy awaiting his father's return from the Civil War.  The Legend of Swallow Mountain is about a group of Cherokee Indians and Young's Mountain in North Carolina where we have a second home.  With the blood of the Cherokee in my veins, my spirit soars when I'm in the mountains of North Carolina.  The Window Into the Woods includes all of my siblings, my parents and others close to us, in a fantasy on the edge of reality, rising from the ashes of our house, and one you just might find believable.  My MOUSE series, beginning with If I Were a Mouse, I'd Live in THIS House, teaches children the fundamentals of life, laced with whimsy.  The mouse takes many journeys and experiences life as it relates to young children. 


I hope you enjoy these stories and the adventures that lie within.  Please share your comments with me by going to the "contact page" and sharing your thoughts, they will be added to the comments page for you and others to view.  You may also e-mail me at   May God bless you.