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If I Were a Mouse, I'd Live in THIS House

If I Were a Mouse, I'd Live in THIS House

By Annette Asbill      Illustrated by Annette Asbill

"If I were a Mouse . . . !" allows young children to imagine experiencing independence and self-reliance in selecting a place to live, eat what they want (even if they get a tummy ache), and play where they might not otherwise be allowed to play. Rather than ending the story in a traditional way, the reader is asked, "What would you do if you were a mouse?"

The birth of Annette Asbill's grandson, and the subsequent death of her mother, opened the floodgates to her creativity. Annette's grandson, Brendan Michael Blue, holds her heart in his hands; thus the creation of "Michael Blue" books.

These days, more grandparents are raising their children's children, and the grandparents' role is often that of a mother and father, as well. Reading to children consistently is one of the most important things a grownup can do for a child. Readers of "Michael Blue" books, however, are also encouraged to maintain their own daily routine in caring for themselves and tending to their physical, emotional, and social health. There will be many more mouse episodes written, perhaps using readers' suggestions.

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