Vicki Diane Westling      
Shadows In Jerome

SHADOWS IN JEROME is a murder mystery which has a double setting; Jerome, Arizona, today; a world famous ghost town and tourist attraction, and the old Jerome of the early nineteen twenties and late thirties; a place which was the center of the world for copper mining; a place where intrigue, struggles for power, crime and all of the good and bad that comes with a twenty-four hour western mining town were mixed up together; a place where violence in the form of fisticuffs and gun-play occurred daily in an environment of gambling, prostitution, and drinking, all amid endeavors by the higher levels of society to engage in civilized, sophisticated activities.

Today, Jerome is a mere ghost of itself, a strange and quaint little skeleton of a town with cobblestones beneath the thin layers of blacktop on its streets.  Its old buildings, those left standing after all these years, have floors that creak when walked upon, and doorknobs on the doors which haven't been manufactured anywhere in the world for almost a century.  The new business fronts that house establishments which sell ice cream, hamburgers, t-shirts, and some very good art to the tourists who flock there do little to hide the old place, which, like one of the ghosts in the many stories told about it, seems to emerge out of the shadows, strange and ethereal, at second glance.

In the novel, SHADOWS IN JEROME, a young couple discover some of the old town's secrets of lust and evil, and of murder -- long done and hidden.  And in doing so, they encounter something as old as time itself.  It is an essence of life and of death.  And like the old car sitting on rotted tires in an old garage, and difficult to see beneath layers of dust accumulated over the years, when they stumble upon it they can almost hear the life it knew once, so long ago.  And a bit of horror is revealed to them.