Vicki Diane Westling      
The Barkers Club

Now is the time to join Sam and his friends and become a member of the Barkers. Membership in The Barkers is just $5.00 plus taxes and shipping. There are two things you need to do in order to join The Barkers. First, you need to click on the "Buy Now" button below and complete the form. Then, you need to email Sam and let him know that you have joined. Sam will email you a copy of "The Barker" newsletter each month, so it is important that he has your email address.

Sam Rudie Boots Hannibal

As a member of the Barkers you will receive a copy of the Barkers Code, a badge with a picture of Sam, and a certificate of membership. Barkers are updated monthly with a newsletter posted on this website - just click on the button titled "The Barker Newsletter", and Barkers who have given Sam their email address will automatically have the newsletter emailed to them. "The Barker" keeps all members up to date about what Sam, Rudie, Boots and Hannibal have been up to.

Remember, Barkers can email Sam and his friends by going to and they will get a personal response.

Barkers can even make suggestions about upcoming adventures that they might like to see Sam and his friends participate in for future books.

Join the Barkers. Read the monthly newsletter (The Barker Newsletter), and share in the adventures of Sam, Rudie, Boots and Hannibal.

How to join:

1. Click on the yellow "Buy Now" button below. Once this process is completed, be sure to also email Sam and his friends.

2. Email Sam and his friends at as a confirmation that you have joined.

3.Give them your name (you want it spelled correctly on your membership certificate) when you email them.

4. Include your mailing address so Sam and his friends will know where to send your membership button, the Barkers Code and your certificate.


Thank you!