Vicki Diane Westling      

Have you ever wondered if taking  "The road less traveled" is worth the risk? Hi, I'm Vicki Diane Westling, and that was my question for many years.  Looking back to where I came from and to where I find myself today, there's nothing I'd like to share more than, "Yes," the risk is worth the reward, and you are made for a life of meaning and purpose.

My Journey My life has been like the life of so many others who ask questions, seek answers and refuse to settle for the status quo.  It is this drive that has brought me to where I am today - a published author, a contented wife and mother, and a woman with dreams that are yet to be fulfilled, but a knowing that realization of all that I am and all that I can be is just around the corner.  I hope you will join me along the way.

The hardest step is the first one. The first step may be a bit scarey, but it must be taken.  Don't listen to the naysayers, the drones of negativity or even those who "have your best interest at heart."  Step out! Know who you are and listen to your heart.  That is what I have done with teaching, writing and most of all, listening.  The many things I have written have been done so with the hope of bringing laughter, hope, joy, tears and even mystery to those who read my works - for those are the emotions that have been shared and felt during my lifetime.

As a teacher, writer, author and publisher, I write to encourage and inspire each of us to open our hearts to the lessons awaiting us as we go through the journey called Life!  Our lives are not meant to be lived as a rigid piece of steel, they are meant to live and follow paths that hold risks, passion, and purpose.  It is my hope that the words I write will inspire and inform and encourage imagination and adventure.

Thunder of Silence, (now a second edition novel to be released soon) is the first in a trilogy where families become entertwined within a world where they learn that intentions, they deceive us, dreams and nightmares our suffering thus, unrequited and often just.  Thunder of Silence is a novel with twists and turns and haunting secrets that shape lives through passion, hatred, and love.

RAMBLINGS is my most recent book, and it has just been released. The many poems, vignettes, short stories and just stuff that make up this little book of RAMBLINGS is like a kaleidoscope of my life.  In this book you will see glimpses of the many colors, rhymes, tears, and laughter that have all helped me to be who I am today.  These things I share with you with the hope that you will understand they are things that I have seen, some I have experienced, some I wish I had, and some I wish I hadn't; and some are just plain old memories - my memories!  These are my memories and recollections, fantasies and dreams that have escaped from both the deep and shallow parts of my inner self.

Much of what is written in RAMBLINGS has been faded, jaded, and embellished with the good parts made better and the not so good parts left out for that is what happens to our memories as they are allowed to mellow with age and sweeten with time.

Sam and Friends If you are a parent, or know someone with small children you may be interested in my Children's book series, Sam and Friends.  This series of books is fun to read, each has a valuable character lesson and many teachable moments for parents and children. There are seven books in the series, Cats Keep Out, Hannibal Breaks His PromiseRudie and the Blue Van,  Finders Keepers, A Sister for Sam, Hannibal Goes to the Hospital, and A Wica Pays a Visit.  The Sam and Friends series is still currently available at, and your local bookstore.


Thunder of Silence (2nd Edition currently in production to be released soon)

Thunder of Silence is set in an era where railroads dominate the travel industry and hometown newspapers still thrive.  In Huron City, Michigan, mystery and deceit overlap to create a struggle between innocence and selfish passion.

In Thunder of Silence life travels in circles and sometimes even angels weep for promises made which we can't keep, and footsteps follow us which we cannot hear until their silence gives way to fear.

It is in Huron City where Daphnia Flanders is faced with confronting secrets about her past that, if revealed, will forever shatter the peaceful way of life she has come to cherish.