Vicki Diane Westling      
A Wica Pays A Visit

 When Sam, Rudie and Boots find a "masked bandit" in their clubhouse they aren't sure what to make of it. But once again Hannibal saves the day when a Wica takes shelter in the Barker's clubhouse. Max teaches Sam and his friends a valuable lesson about the dangers of playing with and/or petting wild animals. And, Hannibal learns that he is not the only one who is tempted by the precocious mice who live in Farmer Campbell's barn. Character Lesson: The dangers of petting wild animals: Some animals, no matter how cute they might be, are really meant to live in the wild. Only domesticated animals should be pets. We should never touch or go near a wild animal, even if they look like they need or want to be cuddled like Max.

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