Vicki Diane Westling      
Rudie and the Blue Van

Rudie and the Blue Van: Sam & Friends

Rudie and the Blue Van: Sam & Friends
by Vicki Diane Westling

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In Rudie and the Blue Van, Rudie and The Barkers learn about "Stranger Danger" and the importance of never going off alone or getting into a vehicle with a stranger. In this Sam and Friends Book, Rudie encounters danger and fear when he is dognapped and it is up to Sam, Boots and Hannibal to help rescue him. The Barkers join forces with their neighborhood friends and the birds to track down the blue van in their efforts to save Rudie.

Character/Safety Lesson: Friends should try to protect one another from danger. Never leave your friends to help a stranger by yourself, stay with your friends. Don't ever get into a vehicle with a stranger. If you are forced into a vehicle with a stranger do all that you can to let someone know that you are there. Kick out the taillight, make noise if someone stops the vehicle, and try to get free from the stranger without letting him or her know what you are doing so that you don't put yourself in further danger.